after study calls our attention to the business case for greater diversity. Organizations that capitalize on the ‘diversity dividend’, outperform their peers in profit margins, returns on equity and overall financial performance and risk mitigation.

According to a McKinsey report, the global economy would grow by as much as US$ 28 trillion by 2025 if women participated in the labor force to the same degree as men— representing a 26% increase in GDP, which is almost equivalent to the combined GDPs of the U.S. and China.

Diversity On Board (DOB) is a peer-endorsed regional platform that selectively curates high achieving  under-represented SWANA talent—starting with women—to help organizations in the MENA region identify and appoint them to board and advisory board positions. DOB also provides training for organizations to help them get the most out of the ‘diversity dividend’, and grooms a pipeline of talent for board-readiness through educational programs.

Get started by signing up as a member here. Alternatively, if you are an organization searching for high achieving under-represented SWANA candidates, sign up here.

Registering as a DOB member, posting board vacancies, and searching for suitable board candidates on the platform is free of charge. However, we will gradually introduce premium features for a fee to maintain the platform’s financial sustainability.

Organizations must first register with DOB before being able to list a board opportunity or search for prospective candidates. Board openings must be approved by Admin after which, candidates can view the posting and start applying. To get started, register as an organization here.

Any organization, including corporates, startups, social enterprises, government institutions, multi-laterals, nonprofits, and academia anywhere in the world can utilize DOB to identify diverse Arab board-calibre talent. Get started by registering here.

Currently, yes. We are beginning with high-achieving SWANA women and plan to expand in our second phase to include other SWANA talent, including exceptional SWANA millennials, the differently-abled, and others.

However, our "Pathway to Boardroom," a self-guided learning platform is open to all and designed to assist you in navigating the various aspects of the board leadership journey. This platform covers a range of topics, including crafting effective board biographies, strategies for applying to board roles, and best practices for serving on boards effectively.  Sign up here.

You may also be eligible to apply for our Emerging Board Leaders Fellowship, powered by HSBC. The Fellowship is designed to accelerate high-potential, exceptional, Arab and North African women and men, on their path to the boardroom. Click here to view more details.

No. You can be based anywhere, as long as you are of SWANA origin.

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